Don’t forget to vote!


The 2015 Election is November 3rd this year. Before you cast your vote, here’s some information about Issue 1, and some local school board races for you to consider.


Local School Board Recommendations


Groveport-Madison Local Education Association has endorsed the following candidates for school board:

  • Maria McGraw
  • Chris Snyder

Hilliard Education Association has endorsed:

  • Heather Keck

Lancaster Education Association supports the following school board candidates:

  • A. Lise Ricketts
  • Tom Shaffer
  • Jay Nauman

Marysville Education Association supports the following school board candidates:

  • Sue Devine
  • Amy Powers

Pickerington Education Association recommends

  • Darian Monhollen for Township Trustee


Plain Local Education Association recommends the following candidates for school board:

  • Larry Fruth
  • Debra Kalinosky
  • Mark Ryan

Reynoldsburg Education Association recommends the following candidates for school board:

  • Debbie Dunlap
  • Neal Whitman
  • Rob Truex

Upper Arlington Education Association opposes the following candidate:

  • Mindy Lambert

Upper Arlington Education Association has taken no position on the following candidates:

  • Robin Comfort (incumbent)
  • Stacy Royer (incumbent)
  • Nancy Drees (incumbent)
  • Chris Schwartz (retired teacher, first time running)


Westerville Education Association has endorsed the following school board candidates:

  • Richard Bird
  • Gerrie Cotter

Columbus Education Association Endorses the following candidates:

Columbus City School District Board of Education
  • Eric Brown
Columbus Mayor
  • Andrew Ginther
For Members of City Council, City of Columbus
  • Elizabeth Brown
  • Shannon Hardin
  • Zach Klein
  • Jaiza Page
  • Michael Stinziano


OEA urges support for Issue 1




Issue 1 seeks to create a seven-member panel to draw legislative districts starting in 2021. Approval of a 10-year map would require two minority-party votes, and language in the proposal is designed to limit the kind of gerrymandered maps that have led to one-party control and few competitive races.


Last December, Democrats and Republicans joined together to create a plan that Ohioan’s will vote on this November.


Issue 1 offers the first major overhaul to Ohio’s process of drawing state legislative districts in years by:

  • Establishing a seven-member bipartisan panel responsible for creating legislative district lines. It would be called the Ohio Redistricting Commission.
  • Setting rules that require new districts to keep communities together. This would put an end to today’s oddly shaped districts that unnecessarily split cities, counties and townships to help one political party or another.
  • Ending the practice of having the new maps drawn in secret. The new Redistricting Commission will hold public hearings and explain how the new maps do not unfairly favor a particular political party. If it is necessary to split a county, municipality or township, the Commission will be required to explain why. Issue 1 creates good criteria for making the new state legislative maps:
  • No general assembly map shall be drawn primarily to favor or disfavor a political party.
  • The map as a whole should reflect the statewide partisan preferences of voters. This is sometimes called representational fairness and strengthens the rule against rigging the districts for partisan advantage.

OEA was one of the first organizations to endorse Fair Districts for Ohio, a bi-partisan coalition organized to reform Ohio’s system of drawing state legislative districts. The Association believes that having fair districts is important because it can affect who represents us at the statehouse.


Learn more about Issue 1 at

This is just a reminder that payments for pre-approved professional development

opportunities happen quarterly.  All receipts for pre-approved activities will be submitted

to Jason Willcoxon for payment next Friday, Oct. 30, 2015 (its been extended a week).

Please get your receipts to me by Thursday, 10/29.  I will then sign off, make copies and

deliver to Jason.

Thank you! 😊

Monica Miars

From Monica Miars, PD Fund Coordinator:


After a vote by our officers/executive board, the BEA can once again offer reimbursement up to $1000!!!

The reimbursement formula will be as follows:

the first $300–100%
$301 – $1000–75%
$1001 +–50% after the fund is closed out (the following school year)

I have held onto requests that were sent to me in anticipation of this change. I am in the process of figuring them now, and will make copies and send originals back to you.



(Effective 7/1/15 through 6/30/18)

“The office of the Superintendent or designee will send a timely Districtwide email notifying all bargaining unit members that to be considered for a continuing contract, they must provide written notice to the Superintendent of Schools by October 1 of their intent to meet the statutory requirements in order to be considered for a continuing contract at the April meeting of the Board of Education.”

The professional, permanent, or life certificate or equivalent professional education license must be on file with the Superintendent of Schools by March 31 for the bargaining unit member to be considered for continuing contract status in April.

Statutory requirements for continuing contract eligibility are set forth in Sections 3319.08 and 3319.11 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Bargaining unit members who do not provide written notice by October 1 and/or do not have transcripts of their thirty (30) graduate hours, or their professional, permanent, or life certificate or professional educator license/certificate on file by March 31, will not be eligible for continuing contract consideration until April of the following school year.


Annually, I send out an e-mail asking for those who have sick leave days that they are willing and able to donate to do so on an attached form. This is that email.   We are each able to donate up to 3 days during a designated window of time.  If a teacher is in need of days, he/she needs to refer to part 2 of the attached PDF in the documents section of this website and follow the procedure.

As stated in the MOU, BEA members have until September 20 to donate sick leave days to the sick leave bank. This is the only period of time available to donate (unless our days drop below 60).  If you have days that you know you will never be able to use or cash in on, please consider donating. I am sending this out  to ask for days to be donated now.

This is what I need from you right now:

If you have sick leave days that you wish to donate, you need to print out the attached word document (Sick Leave bank Donation form), fill it out , sign it and send the hard copy or scanned pdf  to me (at the Middle School).  I must have a signed copy (hard copy or scanned pdf); you cannot just send an e-mail letting me know you want to donate days.

All sick leave day donation forms are due to me by THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2015.

I will continue to be kept informed of the total number of days in the bank and deductions made.  Unused days in the bank will rollover to the following school year.  They will never be credited back to you but they will never be lost.  If you have questions, please read the attached PDF first.  If you are still unclear, feel free to e-mail me.

Mindy Hall

Hello everyone –
I hope this finds all of you well – and into the “groove”.
Please read below the process for applying for, and receiving, professional development
fund reimbursements from the BEA. There always seems to be some confusion and I hate
to “deny” funds to members for not following the correct procedure.
1. When you decide to attend a prof dev opportunity that is not otherwise suggested and/or paid for by the district, you first need to fill out a “District Request for Professional Leave” Form. This form asks you to break down approximate expenses and to whom the request for reimbursement
is being made (BEA or district). It is then given to your building administrator/immediate supervisor and they sign off – granting you permission to be out of school for that purpose.THIS IS NOT THE BEA FORM. This form is sent to Central Office. It DOES NOT come to the BEA. If you only fill out this form, BEA will have no notification of your intent for us to reimburse, and your request for payment after the fact will be denied. (Sorry.)
2. Once you receive your copy of the above form back granting you permission to attend the prof dev, you need to fill out the attached BEA Professional Development Form and sent it to me for pre-approval. I will figure the amount of reimbursement, according to the formula, sign and date, make copies, and then send back to you.
3. After attending the prof dev, you will need to gather receipts and fill in the bottom portion of the BEA form; attach receipts to the form and send them back to me. I will approve payment, sign and date, make copies and forward to Jason Willcoxon for payment from BEA.
Our “year” runs September to September. However, funds are not generally available to the BEA immediately. What this means, is that if you are requesting funds for THIS year early in the fall, you will need to be patient with regard to reimbursement. Rather than approving payments as they come/in small batches, as in years past, I have set the following due dates for paperwork. On/near these dates, I will gather what paperwork has come to me, sign off, etc, and forward to Jason for payment. This way there is a clear time frame for both submission for payment, and actual payments being made.
Dates: October 23, 2015; December 18, 2015; March 11, 2015; May 20, 2015
In addition, be aware that these funds are approved on a first come, first served basis. I can only approve requests up to the $20,000.00 limit. Once I have approved that amount, no other opportunities can be approved at that time. IF at the end of the “year”, once all approved payments have been made, there are funds left, those who turned in requests and were denied MAY have partial payments made to them. There is not guarantee for this, however.
The reimbursement formula is as follows:
$0 – $300 100% reimbursement
$301-$750 75% reimbursement
$751 + 50% reimbursement IF funds remain at the end of the year
(Separate requests DO accumulate.)
IF you are “splitting” costs between the district and the BEA, you must be extremely clear in which party is paying for what amounts. The BEAcannot reimburse you for any cost covered by the district. (IRS guidelines forbid it.)
For the 2014-2015 year, funds were claimed quickly. The more timely you can be in turning in paperwork, or in notifying the BEA of non-attendance, the better prepared we can be with regard to available funds and payment.
I apologize for the length of this – I really hope to avoid confusion! Please forward questions to me. I’ll try to answer them as best I can!
:) Monica Miars

From BEA President Mindy Hall:

The superintendent sent an e-mail last night saying he thinks we need to pull an evaluation committee together and have a meeting soon.  I will send him names of anyone who responds to me and he will schedule a meeting for (probably) the last week in August.  Please let me know if you’re interested in serving on this committee.  If you have any conflicts that week (for example: open house).  I imagine we will have meetings throughout the school year so if you are unable to attend the first it does not prohibit you from serving on the committee.

I am hopeful I will heave representation from a variety of levels and areas.  Please respond ASAP (by Friday, if possible) to volunteer for this committee.


From BEA PD Coordinator Monica Miars:

Anyone having attended a summer PD opportunity, and pre-approved by BEA for reimbursement, if you’re prepared, send your receipts my way.  I plan to send Jason the first round of summer receipts by the middle of next week.  Then ALL receipts for pre-approved summer PD, or those not yet turned in during the school year, will be due to me Friday, August 28, 2015.  This will allow me to close out the account for last school year and allow for new requests to begin processing Sept. 1.

From BEA President Mindy Hall:

This is the e-mail that the superintendent sent to all administrators about the monthly staff meetings. If you have a part time contract and/or you teach in multiple buildings, this pertains directly to you. Mentors, BEA building reps and anyone in any sort of leadership position, if you notice that someone is attending more than their share, please reiterate this information.

From Bexley Superintendent Dr. Mike Johnson:

There is a 30 hours per school year limit devoted to extend the contract day, Article E. Length of School Day, 3. Monthly Staff Meeting and Staffing Conferences.
We have a number of fulltime teachers who are assigned to multiple schools and a few part-time teachers assigned to a single school.
Please do not require fulltime teachers assigned to multiple buildings to participate in staff meetings beyond the 30 hour limit. I would suggest that their time be shared consistent with the approximate percentage of the day that they spend at your respective buildings.
The part-time teachers in your building should be provided the same consideration, i.e. any teacher assigned to a .34 teaching position should not be required to attend more than 10 hours of meetings.
Nothing in this statement is intended to prevent a teacher interested in voluntarily participating in meetings beyond the 30 hour annual limit.

OEA Representative Assembly at Greater Columbus Convention Center: May 8, 2015
BEA Representatives: Mindy Hall, Erin Clary, David Schottner

1. We voted on four ways that OEA will change the way it does business.

a. The OEA Board of Directors proposed to remove the requirement that the OEA Representative Assembly meets twice per year. This would give OEA the flexibility to meet only once per year instead of twice, if the Board of Directors deemed that most appropriate. This could help save financial resources and allow them to be re-allocated to serve other needs within OEA. RAs in recent years have cost anywhere from $50,000 to $110,000. For years, it was held at Veterans Memorial. Having to move to the Convention Center or Schottenstein Center has resulted in huge cost increases. This proposal FAILED.

b. The OEA Board of Directors proposed to give college student members of OEA a voting seat on the OEA Board of Directors. This proposal PASSED.

c. The OEA Board of Directors proposed to pro-rate union dues. Currently, if members join the union in the middle of the year, they are required to pay dues for the entire year. This change would allow local unions to have membership drives that encourage members to join at any time and not be financially penalized. This proposal PASSED.

d. The OEA Board of Directors proposed to change the beginning and ending dates of terms for the offices of OEA President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer. They would begin on July 15 instead of September 1 to allow them to transition and acclimate to their new roles prior to the beginning of a new school year. This proposal PASSED.

2. The East Liverpool Education Association shared that they are in crisis, similar to what happened in Reynoldsburg last year. Their school board has imposed a last, best, and final offer and refuses to continue negotiations with a federal mediator. The teachers of East Liverpool have authorized their bargaining team to serve a 10-day notice to strike to the school board.

3. The dues to be an OEA member are going down a few dollars for next school year. Dues are calculated based on the average teacher salary in Ohio. The average salary has decreased due to retirements as well as decreased funding of public education from the state.

4. The OEA Officers have been meeting with the State Superintendent and testifying in front of the State Legislature to advocate for reduced testing requirements and to not eliminate the 5 of 8 rule. Unfortunately, the 5 of 8 rule was eliminated by the State Board of Education. The OEA Officers continue to urge us all to be on alert regarding a potential Right to Work ballot issue coming to Ohio.