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From Mary Davis:

tuition reimbursement application

The tuition reimbursement process can be confusing when you only do it one in a while so below I have put together information that I hope will be helpful. Never hesitate to call, email, or come by if you have other questions.

Tuition Reimbursement Information

You will get a Checkpoints email with a tuition reimbursement form on the below posting dates.

·         Autumn: Post July 18 / deadline July 28

·         Spring: post Nov 15 / deadline Nov 30

·         Summer post Mar 29 / deadline Apr 13

·         Second Summer June 1 / deadline June 15

If you are considering a course be sure to send me your application. If you end up not taking it, just send me an email to let me know.

Always apply by the stated deadline.

If there are more requests than money, there is a very complicated process that I will need to follow to determine who gets the reimbursement. This hasn’t happened since I’ve been here and I hope it never does!

I will send you an email within a week of the deadline letting you know if your request was approved.

Step-by-Step instructions

1.       Submit Tuition Reimbursement Request form to Superintendent’s office by deadline as posted in Checkpoints

2.       Wait for authorization for reimbursement via email from Superintendent’s office (some educators may be given fee waivers “Ashland, OSU, or Capital Vouchers” as part of their reimbursement to present to the Bursar’s office at time of payment – this would reduce your out-of-pocket expense needed to cover tuition)

3.       Once you get my email with your approval, pay your tuition (Contact Bursar’s office with payment and/or receipt questions)

4.       Reimbursable amount per semester is based on the OSU graduate credit which is currently $722.50/semester hour

5.       Submit receipt to Superintendent’s office. Your receipt needs to include the following:

·         University Name

·         Your Name

·         Course Semester

·         Tuition – Amount paid / payment date / method of payment  (we don’t reimburse fees, just actual tuition cost)

·         Course Name/Number

6.       Receive reimbursement through inner office mail (not added to your paycheck)

7.       Complete the course

8.       Submit grade report/transcript to Superintendent’s office as proof of completion

Professional Development Fund Reimbursements

Please read below the process for applying for, and receiving, professional development fund reimbursements from the BEA.

1. When you decide to attend a prof development opportunity that is not otherwise suggested and/or paid for by the district, you first need to fill out a “District Request for Professional Leave” Form. This form asks you to break down approximate expenses and to whom the request for reimbursement is being made (BEA or district). It is then given to your building administrator/immediate supervisor and they sign off – granting you permission to be out of school for that purpose. THIS IS NOT THE BEA FORM. This form is sent to Central Office. It DOES NOT come to the BEA. If you only fill out this form, BEA will have no notification of your intent for us to reimburse, and your request for payment after the fact will be denied.

2. Once you receive your copy of the above form back granting you permission to attend the prof development, you need to fill out the attached BEA Professional Development Form and sent it to me for pre-approval. I will figure the amount of reimbursement, according to the formula, sign and date, make copies, and then send back to you.

3. After attending the prof development, you will need to gather receipts and fill in the bottom portion of the BEA form; attach receipts to the form and send them back to me. I will approve payment, sign and date, make copies and forward to Jason Willcoxon for payment from BEA.

Our “year” runs September to September. However, funds are not generally available to the BEA immediately. What this means, is that if you are requesting funds for THIS year early in the fall, you will need to be patient with regard to reimbursement. Rather than approving payments as they come/in small batches, as in years past, I have set the following due dates for paperwork. On/near these dates, I will gather what paperwork has come to me, sign off, etc, and forward to Jason for payment. This way there is a clear time frame for both submission for payment, and actual payments being made.

Dates: October 20, 2017; December 18, 2017; March 16, 2018; May 25, 2018, August 31, 2018

In addition, be aware that these funds are approved on a first come, first served basis. I can only approve requests up to the $20,000.00 limit. Once I have approved that amount, no other opportunities can be approved at that time. IF at the end of the “year”, once all approved payments have been made, there are funds left, those who turned in requests and were denied MAY have partial payments made to them. There is not guarantee for this, however.

The reimbursement formula is as follows:
$0 – $300 100% reimbursement
$301-$1000 75% reimbursement
$1001 + 50% reimbursement IF funds remain at the end of the year
(Separate requests DO accumulate.)

IF you are “splitting” costs between the district and the BEA, you must be extremely clear in which party is paying for what amounts. The BEA cannot reimburse you for any cost covered by the district. (IRS guidelines forbid it.)

For last year, funds were claimed quickly. The more timely you can be in turning in paperwork, or in notifying the BEA of non-attendance, the better prepared we can be with regard to available funds and payment.

Monica Miars

From BEA President Erin Clary:


Included in our Master Contract is language about Sick Leave Bank Donation. We are each able to donate up to 3 days during a designated window of time. If a teacher is in need of days, he/she will need to refer to part 2 of the attached ‘Sick Leave Bank’ document (Use of Donated Days) and follow the procedure.

As stated in Master Contract, BEA members have until September 20 to donate sick leave days to the sick leave bank. This is the only period of time available to donate (unless our days drop below 60). If you have days that you know you will never be able to use or cash in on, please consider donating. I am sending this out to ask for days to be donated now.

This is what I need from you right now:

If you have sick leave days that you wish to donate, you need to print out the Sick Leave bank Donation form in the BEA documents section of this website, fill it out, sign it, and send the hard copy or scanned pdf to me. I must have a signed copy (hard copy or scanned pdf); you cannot just send an e-mail letting me know you want to donate days.

All sick leave day donation forms are due to me by MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2017.

I will continue to be kept informed of the total number of days in the bank and deductions made. Unused days in the bank will rollover to the following school year. They will never be credited back to you but they will never be lost.

If you have questions, feel free to e-mail me.

School Board Update:

With only a few days until the deadline to submit candidate petitions to the Board of Elections, five candidates have pulled petitions to run for a four-year term to the Bexley Board of Education.

Three are current board members and two are challengers. There are three seats up for election.

BEA will be inviting all candidates to interview with us in October. All BEA members are eligible to participate in the interviews, and all interview responses will be shared with BEA members.

We have a wonderful opportunity to strengthen ourselves as an association this year, and here are some ways you can help! We understand that not everyone has lots of time to give, so some of these are smaller time commitments. We hope you will consider participating in your union in one of the following ways. We will be asking for volunteers later in the Summer.

Building Representative: each building needs at least 2 members to attend monthly BEA meetings to represent his/her building, bring concerns and questions from the building, and report back to the building members. Meetings occur on the last Monday of every month, August through April (excluding December) from 3:45-5:00 PM in rotating buildings.

Partnership Council: each building needs at least 1 member to attend Partnership Council Meetings to represent his/her building, bring concerns and questions from the building, and report back to building members. At Partnership Council, all district administrators are present. It is a forum to resolve and improve matters before they become highly problematic. Meetings occur on the second Thursday of September, October, January, March, and May from 4:00-5:00 PM in the Cassingham Complex Community Room.

School Board Screening Committee: We need about a dozen members, at least 1 from each building, to participate this Fall by interviewing the candidates who will be running for three seats (four year terms) on the Bexley City School District Board of Education. Committee members will work together to create questions, conduct interviews, and share the written results of the interviews with BEA members. This will probably only require a total of two meetings–one meeting to prepare and one meeting to conduct the interviews, on a weeknight in September or October.

In case you are interested, there is an opportunity to see and hear our incoming Superintendent, Ms. Kim Miller.  Please read below for details.
Meet Bexley City School’s New Superintendent
June 21, 12:30 – Bexley Public Library

Join the Bexley Area Chamber of Commerce for our June 21st Networking Luncheon taking place at the Bexley Public Library (2411 E. Main Street) from 12:30 – 1:30 pm on June 21, 2017. The featured speaker will be Kim Miller, the incoming Superintendent for Bexley City Schools. Lunch is $15.00 per person, catered by Scotty’s, and is open to all! Feel free to bring a friend or colleague. To RSVP, please email

BEA General Membership Meeting
Tuesday, May 30
8:00-8:30 AM
Cassingham Theater

Please join your Bexley Education Association friends for breakfast and a brief meeting to reconnect and talk about our shared vision for the 17-18 school year!

Partnership Council

Partnership Council meets for the final time this school year on Thursday, May 11 at 4:00 PM in the Cassingham Complex Community Room. All BEA members are invited to attend all Partnership Council meetings. If you have any questions or concerns that need to be addressed at Partnership Council, please contact Erin Clary.


Negotiations Survey

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Save the Date!
BEA General Membership Meeting
Tuesday, May 30
8:00-8:30 AM
Cassingham Theater
Please join your Bexley Education Association friends for breakfast and a brief meeting to reconnect and talk about our shared vision for the 17-18 school year!