Monthly Archives: August 2015

Evaluation Committee

From BEA President Mindy Hall:

The superintendent sent an e-mail last night saying he thinks we need to pull an evaluation committee together and have a meeting soon.  I will send him names of anyone who responds to me and he will schedule a meeting for (probably) the last week in August.  Please let me know if you’re interested in serving on this committee.  If you have any conflicts that week (for example: open house).  I imagine we will have meetings throughout the school year so if you are unable to attend the first it does not prohibit you from serving on the committee.

I am hopeful I will heave representation from a variety of levels and areas.  Please respond ASAP (by Friday, if possible) to volunteer for this committee.


Professional Development Receipts

From BEA PD Coordinator Monica Miars:

Anyone having attended a summer PD opportunity, and pre-approved by BEA for reimbursement, if you’re prepared, send your receipts my way.  I plan to send Jason the first round of summer receipts by the middle of next week.  Then ALL receipts for pre-approved summer PD, or those not yet turned in during the school year, will be due to me Friday, August 28, 2015.  This will allow me to close out the account for last school year and allow for new requests to begin processing Sept. 1.

30 Hour Extension of Contract Year

From BEA President Mindy Hall:

This is the e-mail that the superintendent sent to all administrators about the monthly staff meetings. If you have a part time contract and/or you teach in multiple buildings, this pertains directly to you. Mentors, BEA building reps and anyone in any sort of leadership position, if you notice that someone is attending more than their share, please reiterate this information.

From Bexley Superintendent Dr. Mike Johnson:

There is a 30 hours per school year limit devoted to extend the contract day, Article E. Length of School Day, 3. Monthly Staff Meeting and Staffing Conferences.
We have a number of fulltime teachers who are assigned to multiple schools and a few part-time teachers assigned to a single school.
Please do not require fulltime teachers assigned to multiple buildings to participate in staff meetings beyond the 30 hour limit. I would suggest that their time be shared consistent with the approximate percentage of the day that they spend at your respective buildings.
The part-time teachers in your building should be provided the same consideration, i.e. any teacher assigned to a .34 teaching position should not be required to attend more than 10 hours of meetings.
Nothing in this statement is intended to prevent a teacher interested in voluntarily participating in meetings beyond the 30 hour annual limit.