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March 15 Primary Election Day

A reminder that the Ohio Primary Election takes place on March 15th. Polls will be open from 6:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m.
You can also vote early, either in person or by absentee ballot.
Important elections ranging from local, Ohio General Assembly, US Congressional and Senatorial, and Presidential will take place. We have seen how crucial to education, students and our profession, each and everyone of the outcomes of these elections can be.
Here’s a list of OEA endorsed candidate as of 2/18/2016:

HD 4 Bob Cupp (R)
HD 7 Tom Patton (R)
HD 8 Kent Smith (D)
HD 9 Janine Boyd (D)
HD 11 Stephanie Howse (D)
HD 13 Nickie Antonio (D)
HD 14 Martin Sweeney (D)
HD 15 Nicholas Celebrezze (D)
HD 20 Heather Bishoff (D)
HD 22 David Leland (D)
HD 23 Lee Schreiner (D)
HD 26 Hearcel Craig (D)
HD 31 Brigid Kelly (D)
HD 33 Alicia Reece (D)
HD 34 Emilia Sykes (D)
HD 35 Greta Johnson (D)
HD 39 Fred Strahorn (D)
HD 44 Mike Ashford (D)
HD 45 Teresa Fedor (D)
HD 46 Michael Sheehy (D)
HD 47 Vicki Donovan Lyle (R)
HD 48 Kirk Schuring (R)
HD 55 Nathan Manning (R)
HD 56 Dan Ramos (D)
HD 58 Michele Lepore Hagan (D)
HD 59 John Boccieri (D)
HD 60 John Rogers (D)
HD 64 Michael O’Brien (D)
HD 71 Joseph Begeny (D)
HD 75 Kathleen Clyde (D)
HD 93 Ryan Smith (R)
HD 96 Jack Cera (D)
HD 99 John Patterson (D)
SD 2 Randy Gardner (R)
SD 30 Lou Gentile (D)
CD 3 Joyce Beatty (D)
CD 9 Marcy Kaptur (D)
CD 11 Marcia Fudge (D)
CD 13 Tim Ryan (D)
US Senate – Ted Strickland (D)
Thanks for all you do, and don’t forget to vote in the March 15th primary!

Timelines: Professional Leave vs. BEA Reimbursement

There is a requirement new to our contract that teachers must approve for professional development leave 60 days in advance in order to take professional leave days.

This is not tied directly to the BEA fund. This stipulation is with regard to you turning in a district professional leave request form to your building’s administration 60 days before planning/attending a professional development opportunity. This allows for planning with regard to subs should there be a need for district level PD, or a number of subs in any given building. (This has been an issue in the past.)

This form is turned in, in triplicate, to your admin – allowing them to plan for time, and possibly money needed. Each secretary should have them. It should be filled out before, or at the same time, as the BEA form that is sent to me.

For me, as manager of the BEA fund, the 60 days are not a large concern. As long as you submit to me PRIOR to attending the PD opportunity, your reimbursement will be pre-approved.

If you have questions, please let Monica Miars or your building BEA reps know.