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BEA Meeting Schedule and Officers/Building Reps 2016-2017

BEA Executive Committee Meeting Schedule


 Meetings are typically the last Monday of the month.  They start at 3:45.

 Monday, August 29                                         Middle School (3105)

Monday, September 26                                 Maryland  (?)

Monday, October 31                                        Cassingham (library)

Monday, November 28                                   Montrose (library)

Monday, December 19                                    High School (?)

Monday, January 30                                        Middle School (3105)

Monday, February 27                                      Maryland  (?)

Monday, March 27                                            Cassingham (library)

Monday, April 24                                               Montrose (library)

Monday, May 15 (if needed)                        High School (?)



BEA  Representatives for 2016-2017


President:                                      Mindy Hall                    (Middle School)

Vice President:                            Erin Clary                      (Cassingham)

Treasurer:                                      Jason Willcoxon         (High School)

Secretary:                                      Heather Addington  (Montrose)

Professional Dev. $:                  Monica Miars               (Cassingham)

Membership:                                Sarah Goodenow       (Cassingham)

Media:                                              David Schottner        (Cassingham)


Building Representatives

Cassingham:                                Kelly Harris, David Schottner, Nicole Noteman

Maryland:                                      Mary Bidwell

Montrose:                                      Emily Reiser, Sherry Baugh

Middle School:                             Brooke Smith

High School:                                  Andrea Brown, Julie Horger 

~~  We are in need of more reps (especially @ Maryland and the Middle School) please contact Mindy Hall if you are interested in adding your name to the list of Association Building Representatives  ~~