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LEA Strike

Teachers Strike in Louisville, Ohio

Louisville EA did go on strike as of Wednesday, November 2. Here is updated information about their strike headquarters which will be moving tomorrow to the address listed below. Please share the Call to Action with all your locals on how they can help Louisville members during this stressful time. This is a small town; emotions are high, sides are being taken.
Like them on Facebook, send letters of support, and other ideas listed in the Call to Action. We need all members across the state to show solidarity with this local as they work to get their Board of Education back to the negotiating table.

LEA Spokesperson:
Angela Emmons (330) 298-5309
Louisville Education Association
c/o Angela Emmons, LEA Treasurer
P.O. Box 194 Louisville , Ohio 44641
Strike Headquarters (moving to this address on November 4)
208 Woodard Street
Louisville, Ohio 44641
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