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Sick Leave Bank Donations Needed

From BEA President Erin Clary:


Included in our Master Contract is language about Sick Leave Bank Donation. We are each able to donate up to 3 days during a designated window of time. If a teacher is in need of days, he/she will need to refer to part 2 of the attached ‘Sick Leave Bank’ document (Use of Donated Days) and follow the procedure.

As stated in Master Contract, BEA members have until September 20 to donate sick leave days to the sick leave bank. This is the only period of time available to donate (unless our days drop below 60). If you have days that you know you will never be able to use or cash in on, please consider donating. I am sending this out to ask for days to be donated now.

This is what I need from you right now:

If you have sick leave days that you wish to donate, you need to print out the Sick Leave bank Donation form in the BEA documents section of this website, fill it out, sign it, and send the hard copy or scanned pdf to me. I must have a signed copy (hard copy or scanned pdf); you cannot just send an e-mail letting me know you want to donate days.

All sick leave day donation forms are due to me by MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2017.

I will continue to be kept informed of the total number of days in the bank and deductions made. Unused days in the bank will rollover to the following school year. They will never be credited back to you but they will never be lost.

If you have questions, feel free to e-mail me.