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Tuition Reimbursement

From Mary Davis:

1.       Submit Tuition Reimbursement Request form to Superintendent’s office by deadline as posted on the form

2.       Wait for authorization for reimbursement via email from Superintendent’s office (some educators may be given fee waivers “Ashland, OSU, or Capital Vouchers” as part of their reimbursement to present to the Bursar’s office at time of payment – this would reduce your out-of-pocket expense needed to cover tuition)

3.       Pay tuition (Contact Bursar’s office with payment and/or receipt questions)

4.       Submit receipt to Superintendent’s office. Your receipt needs to include the following:

·         University Name

·         Your Name

·         Course Semester

·         Tuition – Amount paid / payment date / method of payment

·         Course Name/Number

5.       Receive reimbursement

6.       Complete course

7.       Submit grade report/transcript to Superintendent’s office

Below are the opportunities each year to request tuition reimbursement. Funds are limited so you may want to wait to hear if you are approved BEFORE enrolling in the course. When funds get low there is a procedure to determine who gets the reimbursement so unless you plan to take the course anyway, you should wait to hear back and then enroll. Below are the approximate dates the opportunity will be emailed to you and the date the forms are due to me.

·         Autumn: Post July 1 / deadline July 15

·         Spring: post Nov 1  / deadline Nov 15

·         Summer: post Mar 15 / deadline Apr 1 (posting a little early this year)

·         Second Summer: June 1 / deadline June 15 (this is only available IF there are funds leftover)

Several of you need to send me grades from coursework you took last school year. Please get that to me asap. Grades from previous semesters should be forwarded to me before requesting more tuition reimbursement. Thanks!