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Bexley Board of Education Candidate Interview Videos

Dear BEA Members,

Here are the recorded interviews for the five school board candidates. Two candidates will be elected to a four-year term on November 5. All candidates were asked the same questions. The questions are below. Thanks to the BEA members who were present for these interviews: Beth Brendle, Sarah Busold, Erin Clary, Nikki Hoch, Susan Marantz, and David Schottner. Please let us know if you have any questions about the process or the election!

Sarah Ackman

Mike Denison

Alissha Mitchell

Victoria Powers (two videos due to technical difficulties)

April Walsh

1. Please tell us your name and background, briefly explain why you are running to be on the school board, and from your viewpoint, what are the most important issues you see facing Bexley City Schools currently?

2. What is your level of involvement with Bexley Schools? How do you think board members should participate in the schools?

3. Do you support the November 5th school levy? Why or why not?

4. What methods of communication will you use to maintain community relations and remain in touch with constituents? When a problem/crisis does arise, what is your approach to problem solving?

5. What should the relationship look like between the Superintendent and the members of the school board?

6. What other political offices have you run for and/or held? What other political offices do you plan to run for in the future?

7. In the past two years, many changes have occurred at Bexley City Schools. Please comment on the most and/or least beneficial initiative that you believe our schools have implemented.

8. You have a few moments to provide a closing statement. Please tell us anything else we need to know about you and your candidacy.

BEA Emergency Meeting

The BEA leadership team has called an emergency meeting for all members to attend.  The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the importance of the November 5 school levy (Issue 6), share where to find facts about the levy, and present multiple ways that we can all help with the campaign.
We believe it is crucial that we all hear the same information and correct any misinformation that is being spread among us.  We will make every effort to move the meeting along in an efficient manner while answering all of your questions.  The meeting will take place in the Cassingham Theater at Cassingham Elementary at 3:45 PM this Tuesday, September 17.
Dr. Miller has approved all BEA members to attend this meeting, so your principals should know and excuse you if necessary to attend the BEA meeting.