Tuition Reimbursement

From Mary Davis:

tuition reimbursement application

The tuition reimbursement process can be confusing when you only do it one in a while so below I have put together information that I hope will be helpful. Never hesitate to call, email, or come by if you have other questions.

Tuition Reimbursement Information

You will get a Checkpoints email with a tuition reimbursement form on the below posting dates.

·         Autumn: Post July 18 / deadline July 28

·         Spring: post Nov 15 / deadline Nov 30

·         Summer post Mar 29 / deadline Apr 13

·         Second Summer June 1 / deadline June 15

If you are considering a course be sure to send me your application. If you end up not taking it, just send me an email to let me know.

Always apply by the stated deadline.

If there are more requests than money, there is a very complicated process that I will need to follow to determine who gets the reimbursement. This hasn’t happened since I’ve been here and I hope it never does!

I will send you an email within a week of the deadline letting you know if your request was approved.

Step-by-Step instructions

1.       Submit Tuition Reimbursement Request form to Superintendent’s office by deadline as posted in Checkpoints

2.       Wait for authorization for reimbursement via email from Superintendent’s office (some educators may be given fee waivers “Ashland, OSU, or Capital Vouchers” as part of their reimbursement to present to the Bursar’s office at time of payment – this would reduce your out-of-pocket expense needed to cover tuition)

3.       Once you get my email with your approval, pay your tuition (Contact Bursar’s office with payment and/or receipt questions)

4.       Reimbursable amount per semester is based on the OSU graduate credit which is currently $722.50/semester hour

5.       Submit receipt to Superintendent’s office. Your receipt needs to include the following:

·         University Name

·         Your Name

·         Course Semester

·         Tuition – Amount paid / payment date / method of payment  (we don’t reimburse fees, just actual tuition cost)

·         Course Name/Number

6.       Receive reimbursement through inner office mail (not added to your paycheck)

7.       Complete the course

8.       Submit grade report/transcript to Superintendent’s office as proof of completion