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BEA Contract 2021-2024

BEA Sick Leave Bank Donation Form Correct Date

Constitution and By-Laws

BEA Professional Development Forms (updated process for 2023/2024)

1. You must receive pre-approval. Please fill out this Pre-approval Google Form

  • Be sure to read the General Rules on the last section of the Google Form (they are also listed below)

2. Once you are approved and attend your conference/workshop, please submit pictures of receipts using this Reimbursement Google Form 

General Rules referenced above: (BEA PD Reimbursement cannot be used for graduate course credit.  There is a separate fee authorization process through BCS for this.) 

A. You need to be pre-approved before attending the conference/workshop to qualify for BEA PD Fund Reimbursement.  To be pre-approved, please fill out this form several weeks before your conference date, and you will receive an email confirming that you have been pre-approved.
B. There is also a paper form (Professional Conference or Visitation Leave Form) that you must complete and submit to your supervisor.  This form must be submitted and approved BEFORE your conference/workshop.  Forms should be located in your school’s main office.  Check the BEA Part A box for payment.  Under “I Intend to Apply for Reimbursement – Estimated Expenses,” you will need to copy the amounts that you submitted with this electronic form.   **This form has a line asking for the last four digits of your Social Security number.  If you are more comfortable leaving this off, that is ok.  The district no longer requires this information**
C. After pre-approval, please put in your absence request with AESOP as quickly as possible. If needed, have a conversation with your building principal…there was a timeline in the past that required submitting your absence at least 60 calendar days before for out-of-state events, if not then personal leave would need to be used.  It is best to err on the side of caution when filling out paperwork far in advance.  
D. Attend your conference and save all itemized receipts (flight, hotel, Uber, food, parking, conference registration, etc.).
E. After attending, please fill out BEA PD Reimbursement Form and attach pictures of your receipts.  BEA Reimbursement Form
F. Reimbursement checks will be sent out around Dec 30th 2023, March 30th 2024, May 30th 2024, & September 30th 2024. 

Payout is as follows:

0-$500    reimbursed 100%

$501 – $1000   reimbursed 75%

*$1001 – $1500  reimbursed up to 50% if funds remain in September
*$1500 – $2000 reimbursed up to 25% if funds remain in September

*BEA members may submit multiple requests for reimbursement in a single fiscal year, but reimbursement amounts are cumulative according to the amounts above.  October 1st to September 30th is our annual billing cycle. 

For example, a teacher is approved for PD taking place in October of 2023 for $500.  The same teacher is approved for PD in September of 2024 for $500.  Their $500 in October of 2023 would be reimbursed at 100%, and we would only reimburse at 75% for September of 2024 since both of these requests fell within the same fiscal year.   

*If there are additional funds remaining after all BEA members have been paid for the 2023-2024 school year, the remaining funds will be divided up evenly for requests over $1000 (up to the above payouts) and will be sent October 2024.

Don’t forget to share photos from your event with BEA’s social media contact, Meredith Stone  It’s good PR and highlights our members’ commitment to students.